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mnightwind played Wii Sports

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mnightwind said...
  • excited
So I bought me a Wii. It was inevitable as .. well.. Monster Hunter: Tri comes out Tuesday and .. I REQUIRE IT. So.. there. Wii.

Played a little Wii Sports 'cuz .. well, it comes with it. Free (Frii?) game FTW. I pwn'd a friend at Golf and then I sucked it down on Bowling X3 Well.. firstly I did, anyway. I actually won the second thing of Bowling. Surprising for me since RLstyle I majorly suxors at Bowling (er, bowling, little 'b' since it's not a title :P)

So yeah, waggly fun!
Wii Sports

Wii Sports (WII)

Genre/Style: Sports/Multi-Sports
Release Date: 19/NOV/06
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So I wasn't the only one to buy it for Tri. I just got a game to play in the meantime.
Yup, until Tri I really didn't see enough reason to get one :P
I got my Wii at christmas but it was still just to play Tri...it's been a painful wait.
Only a couple more days! X3
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